GRK2243 Symposium

Understanding Ubiquitylation:

From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease

9-11 May 2022 I Würzburg, Germany 


The Meeting

The post-translational modification of proteins with ubiquitin ("ubiquitylation") has taken center stage in eukaryotic cell biology. Ubiquitylation mediates the degradation of regulatory and damaged proteins, protein aggregates and even entire organelles. Moreover, it controls a wide variety of non-proteolytic processes, e.g. during DNA damage repair, receptor signaling and endocytosis.


Given the multi-faceted cellular functions of protein ubiquitylation, it is not surprising that abnormalities of the ubiquitin system lead to many human diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and infectious diseases. Moreover, the ubiquitin system has emerged as a promising target for therapeutic intervention, and drugs interfering with ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis are successfully used for the treatment of certain cancers. 


This Symposium aims to showcase the most recent, exciting progress towards understanding molecular mechanisms, cellular functions and pathogenic aberrations of the ubiquitin system as well as developing novel therapeutic strategies targeting it. The meeting will feature cutting-edge research presentations by international leaders in the field, additional short talks selected from submitted abstracts, and a large poster session along with poster teasers. There will be ample opportunity for scientific interactions between all participants to stimulate further progress in ubiquitin research.


The Symposium is organized by the Research Training Group GRK2243, a ubiquitin-themed graduate program, which has been funded by the German Research Foundation DFG since April 2017. The GRK2243 offers cutting-edge research projects and a structured, interdisciplinary training program for more than 30 PhD students and postdocs at the University of Würzburg.

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1 February 2022



15 March 2022

Short talks will be selected from abstracts.

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Day 1 - 9 May 2022

 1.00 - 2.00 pm      Arrival and registration

           2.00 pm      Welcome address

 2.10 - 4.00 pm      Session 1: Ubiquitin technology and tools

                           KeynoteCraig Crews - PROTAC-mediated protein degradation: the past, present                                                                              and future


                           Helle Ulrich - Ubiquiton - a linkage-selective in vivo ubiquitylation tool

 4.00 - 4.30 pm      Coffee break

 4.30 - 6.30 pm      Session 2: DUBs

                           Sylvie Urbé - DUBs: Druggable regulators of protein and organelle homeostasis

                           Titia Sixma - Allosteric regulation of DUB enzymes

                           EMBO YIP talk: Yogesh Kulathu - Regulation of ubiquitin signalling by DUBs  

                               Short talk 1 - tba  

                           Short talk 2 - tba   

 6.40 - 7.10 pm      Poster power show (2 min teaser presentations)

 7.20 pm                Poster session

                           & Finger food dinner

Day 2 - 10 May 2022

 9.00 - 10.50 am    Session 3: Ubiquitin-DNA transactions

                           Keynote: Cynthia Wolberger - Mechanism of cross-talk between histone
                                                                                      ubiquitination and  methylation

                           Nicolas Thomä - Reprogramming CUL4 ligases with small molecules

                           Rachel Klevit - BRCA1/BARD1, twenty years later

10.50 - 11.20 am   Coffee break

11.20 - 12.50 pm   Session 3 ctd.: Ubiquitin-DNA transactions

                           Jesper Svejstrup - Ubiquitin in transcription, DNA repair and disease

                           Ivan Dikic - Unconventional serine ubiquitination

                           Short talk 1 - tba 

                           Short talk 2 - tba 

 1.00 - 2.00 pm      Lunch

 2.00 - 4.15 pm      Session 4: Cell cycle and signal transduction

                           David Barford - Regulation of APC/C activity by the spindle assembly checkpoint
                                                           during mitosis

                           Bruce Clurman - tba

                           Frauke Melchior - SUMOylation in signal transduction

                           Anna Sablina - Ubiquitin conjugation governs the interactomes of the RAS GTPases

                               Short talk 1 - tba  


 4.15 - 5.00 pm      Coffee break

 5.00 - 7.00 pm      Leisure time to enjoy Würzburg

 7.00 pm                Conference dinner at Bürgerspital                           

Day 3 - 11 May 2022

 9.00 - 10.50 am    Session 5: Proteostasis

                           Keynote: Wade Harper - Understanding selective autophagy

                           Anne Bertolotti Prolonging self-defense mechanism against misfolded protein as
                                                              a possible treatment against neurodegenerative diseases

                           Thorsten Hoppe - Impact of food perception on UPS, proteostasis, and aging

10.50 - 11.20 am   Coffee break

11.20 - 1.05 pm     Session 5 ctd.: Proteostasis

                           Hemmo Meyer - VCP/p97-mediated protein unfolding in cellular homeostasis and 

                           Andreas Martin - Ubiquitin-dependent substrate processing by the 26S

                           Elke Krüger - Cellular responses to proteasome impairment

                           Short talk 1 - tba 


 1.05 pm                Closing remarks

                           Lunch (packed)

 1.15 pm                Departure

Day 1 - 9 May 2022
Day 2 - 10 May 2022
Day 3 - 11 May 2022

The program will be updated and shown soon.

Registration & Fees


1 February 2022


15 March 2022

Registration fees

PhD student, Postdoc                      100 €

Academic                                          150 €

Industry                                             250 €

Registration includes:

  • Conference materials

  • Access to all sessions

  • Conference dinner at Bürgerspital

  • Food and drinks during coffee breaks, lunches and finger food during poster session


Accommodation is not included. Please see hotel registration information under LOCATION below.


Please note that payment must be submitted only after receipt of confirmation that your registration has been accepted. At that point, you will receive an email from the organizers with detailed payment instructions. Payment ought to be made via national and international bank transfer exclusively. Credit card payment is not possible.


Cancellation and registration fee refund policy:

  1. Notification of cancellation should be made in writing and sent to the conference organizers:

  2. 100% refund (less 25 € handling fee) if a notification e-mail reaches the organizers on or before
    15 March 2022.

  3. No refund on cancellations after 15 March 2022.

Selection criteria

The admission of participants (in case of overbooking) will be guided by the submitted abstracts, according to the expected scientific impact of the work on the conference and the field. It is thus recommended that all participants submit an abstract at the time of registration and specify whether they wish to present a poster or short talk.


For participants who do not plan to present their work, a CV (for principal investigators) or motivation letter (for students/post-docs) is requested.

Abstract guidelines


Please download the abstract template and follow the instructions therein. 

Poster specifications


Please bring one printed copy of your poster in portrait orientation (not landscape). 


Short talks


A number of short talks (10 min talk followed by 5 min discussion) – preferentially by early-career scientists – will be selected from the submitted abstracts ahead of the meeting.

Please indicate whether you would like to be considered for a short talk at the time of registration. Applicants will be notified at least three weeks before the meeting.


Coordinator GRK2243: Julia Seubert 



Organizing committee

Alexander Buchberger

Biocenter, University of Würzburg

Caroline Kisker

Rudolf Virchow Center, University of Würzburg

Hermann Schindelin

Rudolf Virchow Center, University of Würzburg

Elmar Wolf

Biocenter, University of Würzburg

Bikash Adhikari 

Biocenter, University of Würzburg

Pranjali Bhandare

Biocenter, University of Würzburg

Sophie Hügelschäffer

Biocenter, University of Würzburg

Jonathan Patzke

Rudolf Virchow Center, University of Würzburg


Meeting Venue

Congress Center Würzburg


97070 Würzburg


For further information, please check:

(German website only)


City of Würzburg

Arrival and parking at the Congress Centrum

By car: Please enter the destination "Pleichertorstraße" in the navigation system. There are several parking lots in the immediate vicinity of the Congress Centrum: (I) the Congress Centrum underground parking at Pleichertorstraße (246 slots), (II) Congress Centrum parking lot at the Kranenkai (60 slots), and (III) Talavera parking lot (1000 free parking spaces on the other side of the river Main, 5-minute walk from the Congress Centrum).


By public transport: From the main train station, you can reach the Congress Centrum by tramway line 2 to "Zellerau", stop "Congress Centrum".


By foot: From the main train station walk towards the river Main and either follow the street "Röntgenring" or walk through the Ringpark, about 10 minutes walk.


Please note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee and has to be organized by the participants on their own.

For the three nights, May 8-11, 2022, participants are offered rooms at the Maritim Hotel (incl. breakfast) which is directly located at the Congress Center: single room comfort for 129 €/per night and double room comfort for 169 €/per night. Please make your reservation directly with the hotel, using code GRK2243. A limited number of rooms have been reserved for the conference and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis until March 25, 2022.


For budget hotels, we recommend Ibis or B&B Hotel in Veitshöchheimer Straße, which are in walking distance to the conference venue.


For further accommodation opportunities, please check here:

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For further information, please check the official tourist information website of Würzburg:

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